My name is Rose Larcombe. I'm a Shropshire-based hand-knitter and spinner and a long-time obsessive collector of yarn! This collection began as a means of doing something creative with the precious commercial, hand-spun and vintage yarns I had amassed over many years. Along the way I discovered the joy of incorporating beads as a means of heightening the colour and texture of my work, often drawing inspiration from the wonderful Shropshire countryside around me.

My other serious addiction is fashion. I love the idea of clothing not only as a means of keeping us comfortable but also as a means of expressing individuality. I never repeat any garment exactly ~ generally this would be impossible any way due to the often small quantities of rare yarns and beads involved. I aim to make each piece as individual as its eventual owner. My greatest pleasure comes from my customers finding the perfect garment for them, which compliments their 'look', is eminently wearable and which enhances their environment; (many wraps are used as wall hangings when they're not being worn!).

I very much hope that you enjoy looking at my work and that you will find what you're looking for today. If, however, the perfect compliment to your wardrobe isn't here presently, drop me a line or give me a call. I'll be delighted to help you achieve exactly what you're looking for!

Best Wishes